This offseason, New Orleans pelican star Anthony Davis is not idle, besides increase 12 pounds of muscle, he was still in practice 3-pointers.

After the end of last season, the pelican team decided to hire the golden state warriors, chief assistant terry Irwin - gold as a coach. As the new coach took office, the pelican team play a big change will happen. For Anthony Davis, king John terry have high expectations, and hope the heavy eyebrows can increase 3-pointers in the game.

Although Davis is a post player, but three is not strange to him. Through the practice of this summer, believes he will bring you a big surprise next season.

"I will cheap Orleans Pelicans Anthony Davis jerseys combine cheap Anthony Davis jerseys china outside threats to play. I like to play low, but at the same time, if the opportunity arises, I will throw (3). This is gold coach terry stressed the point to me: 'shooting'. I'm trying to practice (3), and I to his game full of confidence." In an interview with a "SLAM" Davis.

"Ever since playing basketball, I have been cast 3-pointers. Over the past few seasons, I really don't need to throw three points, but I never refuse the opportunity to throw three points, especially if the coach asked me to go to three points. This is I now are trying to practice, and I plan to make good use of it next season."

Besides practicing 3-pointers, Davis in the offseason also hard power this year. It is understood that he wholesale Anthony Davis jerseys has been increased by 12 pounds of muscle, and looks stronger than ever before.

"I probably increased 10-12 pounds of muscle, I have been training hard, the elder brothers, and soak in the gym lifting weights." He added, "when people see me, they are the first words: 'oh, you get cheap Anthony Davis jerseys online stronger!" when you put cheap Anthony Davis t-shirt on the pitch para Dwight Howard, and take an examination of hyacinth, you have to add some weight."

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